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     by William A. Sadler, Ph.D.

(Published in the inaugural edition of The LLI Review, Spring, 2006)

The context for Lifelong Learning programs is changing, presenting us with both opportunities and challenges that are new in human development....

“What’s Next” as you anticipate “retirement?

    By Melita DeBellis, JD, CPCC, Life and Career Coach

   My father is 87 years old.  He retired nearly 20 years ago, after spending 37 years as ...

Don’t Let the Myths of Aging Hold You Back

    By Patrick Furlong, Motivational Gerontologist

    While it is true that as we age we do lose physical strength, become more susceptible to disease, and can lose mental sharpness, these outcomes can be greatly mitigated...

CHANGING COURSE: The Cure for a Common Retirement

   By William A.  Sadler, Ph.D. and James H.  Krefft, Ph.D.

   A preview of Bill and Jim's soon-to-be published book for baby boomers.  "The book targets     Baby Boomers who want to explore alternatives to the conventional decline into old age."

Coaching For Third Age Fulfillment

  By Donna Krone

  What is third age fulfillment and how does it become important from a coaching perspective?

Third Age Careers for Bay Area Nurses

  By William A. Sadler, Ph.D.

  A Pilot Project discussed at Holy Names University on April 16, 2005.

Growing through the Third Age and Redefining Retirement With Life Portfolios and Third Age Careers

  By William A. Sadler, Ph.D.

  I will share with you what I have learned from twenty years of research, following people who      have been creatively redesigning their middle years and promoting growth instead of decline.

THANK YOU AND GOODBYE: Mandatory Retirement Policies Cut Careers Short, But Proponents Say It's for the Best

  By Joan E. Lisante

  From the January 2005 ABA Journal page 31...

School of Law seminar helps lawyer and health care execs plan for the third age 

  By Meg Barone, QUDaily correspondent, Monday, Oct. 18, 2004

   Finally, people may be able to answer the age-old question "What am I going to do when I grow up?" – with guidance from two authors who visited the Quinnipiac University School of Law Center.  

About Schmidt: Something's Gotta Give!

Third Age at the Movies with Jack Nicholson

   By William A. Sadler, Ph.d.

    The two recent movies starring Jack Nicholson, About Schmidt and Something's Gotta Give, provide an unexpected, provocative commentary about the Third Age.

Lawyers in the Third Age: Changing Course to be an ADR Thought Leader

   By Melanie B. Abbott, Assoc. Professor of Law, Quinnipiac University School of Law

   At first blush, the paradoxes of the Third Age seem inconsistent with the image many people have of lawyers...

Finding Fulfillment in the "Third Age"

   By Tom Gresham (Reprinted courtesy of Vermont Maturity Magazine) 

    Dan and Sylvia Skea had been living in Las Vegas for 30 years when Dan decided to retire...

Perspectives on Organizations, Third Agers and Retirement (Part 1)

    By James H. Krefft, Ph.D  

    An ongoing series exploring the kinds of large-scale changes organizations will have to make to survive the never-before-seen, across-the-board discontinuity that will be caused by the crush of Boomer retirements in the next 5-15 years...

Perspectives on Organizations, Third Agers and Retirement (Part 2)

    By James H. Krefft, Ph.D  

    Who should take an interest in the question: How should organizations redefine retirement?

Perspectives on Organizations, Third Agers and Retirement (Part 3)

    By James H. Krefft, Ph.D  

   Three waves of change are - steadily, unstoppably - converging on today's organizations...

How does retirement challenge us?

   By William A. Sadler, Ph.D.

    Retirement as we know it is a relatively new concept...

Struggling with third age?  "Try easier..."          

    By William Idol

    Last year, I wrote: ”Learning is the heart of First Age...

Spreading her wings at age 61

   By Nancy Cosgriff, M.A.  

   I spent an afternoon in the local coffee shop listening to my friend Elaine’s story  ...

Our aging workforce: a crisis or opportunity?

   By Ronn E. Williamson  

   Statistics show that more than 10,000 people are retiring each day ...