CHANGING COURSE: Navigating Life after 50 **

William A.  Sadler, Ph.D. and James H.  Krefft, Ph.D.

 Man 65: I dont want to spend the rest of my life winding  down. Im on an upward curve. Can I stay on it? How?

Woman 60: I dont tell people Im retired. If I do, people respond to me like Im in the bin with last weeks lettuce. So I tell them Im consulting.

Man 55: We Boomers dont like aging and retirement   were going to change them, somehow, like weve changed most things weve encountered so far.

Woman 55: I sure dont want to spend the rest of my life elderly like my Dad; in retirement he  mostly cut grass and rooted out dandelions. Third Age sounds better than elderly.

This practical self-help book is designed for people like these who want to create a different, better second half of life. Based on 20 years of research tracking innovative individuals, it provides a positive scenario of new opportunities, as well as challenges that emerge at this time of life.  Part of an emerging international movement that is redefining aging, Changing Course focuses on the Third Age, a long middle period in the life course made possible by a Longevity Revolution.  It shows how people can experience growth, renewal and fulfillment in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

No one else is making this argument yet.  Many books on the second half of life focus on creative, vital, successful aging in the Fourth Age (over 75). Our message addresses the Third Age. Instead of winding down, heres how you can change course.

Principles of growth also apply to retirement. Most books on retirement focus on financial planning, location choice, and traveling. There is a need for a book with a psychological focus that provides the how to for comprehensive lifestyle management.  Changing Course reports on people who have been sustaining growth as they creatively redefine their retirements.  Readers can learn from them.

Finding a cure for a common retirement focuses on two key ideas.  People today have the chance to develop Third Age Careers in which to find fulfillment rather than burnout. The Third Age provides a chance to shape our work to suit the way we want to live.  The second key idea is that people can transform aging and redefine retirement by building a Third Age Life Portfolio, an ensemble of work, play, and creativity.  With principles, stories, and lessons learned, Changing Course shows in a step-by-step way how to create a fulfilling second half of life.

**Book release date will be announced on this site in late 2007

2006 William A.  Sadler, Ph.D. and James H.  Krefft, Ph.D