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Without skilled guidance, a maturing workforce can reduce productivity in many ways. Employees in mission-critical functions may fail to pass their knowledge and experience on to those who will replace them. Senior workers, feeling relegated to the sidelines, may no longer give that extra effort required to meet increasingly demanding goals. If resentful, they may actually withhold knowledge from younger workers who, in their frustration, may leave for more promising opportunities.


The Center for Third Age Leadership specializes in helping organizations maximize productivity by ensuring critical skills, experience and knowledge are fully utilized and transferred. Older workers need to understand and embrace new roles as guides and mentors, and younger workers must accelerate their learning of new skills while still performing at a high level in their current roles. Our Third Age Planning™ products work by helping both organizations and individuals maximize the value of experience and maturity.

We Help People


People first have to see a new possibility. Many participants see the years from 50-75 through disturbing images of declining relatives or friends. Cultural glorification of youth further distorts this picture. We show people how to shed their negative stereotypes of aging and accept the myriad possibilities Third Age offers.


To capitalize on a new possibility, people must turn it into a vision that is both personally powerful and specific. We help our clients envision compelling Third Age futures for themselves, and these visions inspire their journey forward.


Planning the transition to one’s Third Age is important work. Our approach offers a rational framework, creative techniques, challenge exercises, implementation tools and a variety of ongoing support options. Together these help our clients build a rich and rewarding Third Age for themselves and all those around them.

The global workforce is aging, and your employee base is aging with them.

Are you ready to confront the many issues this will soon raise in your organization?

Or will productivity decline as your senior workers approach retirement?

An aging workforce can affect a company in many ways. The most obvious concern, older workers hanging on to critical jobs, may be among the least important.

* What is the impact if employees in mission-critical functions fail to completely pass their knowledge and experience on to those who need to be ready to replace them at any time?

* How can your company fill its need for experienced and productive temporary workers?

* How do you manage older workers who need to enthusiastically embrace reduced, but still important, functional roles?

* What about younger workers frustrated because those ahead of them are not leaving fast enough to suit their career needs?

* And what message are you giving employees of all ages about how their company will care for them as they approach retirement?

Address these issues today. Give your company a significant advantage over those who wait.